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East State Highway B, Jadwin MO 65501

About Us


Roger and Lela Franklin are the new caretakers of BRCM. We have moved from Nebraska to put a fresh new face on a great property. We have a strong history in property and event management and are very excited to offer a top notch magical Ozark experience to its BRCM patrons. What a great honor it is for us to welcome you and make you feel at home! Our love for people and music make this campground the perfect place for cultivating our passions.

We also have a strong sense of giving back and community involvement with the many food drive events we have organized in Nebraska in conjunction with The Conscious Alliance  working to help the impoverished youth and communities of the Pine Ridge Native American Reservation. Through this philanthropy we have gained a greater understanding of community and the importance of nutrition and education to empower todays young people of all races and cultures.

We are very excited to be a part of the historic Ozark heritage and communities.

Please join is on our journey through these magical hills along these pristine rivers

Lela and Roger