Its a Winter Wonderland

Big Rock Candy Mountain Is currently enjoying the beauty of the fourth and final season, winter. With winter temperatures dipping below freezing and snow flakes falling from the heavens it is truly a beautiful sight. The short needle native pines grab as much snow on the tips of thier branches as they can, creating a puff of white at the ends of the green branches. a beautiful sight. Lela and I have always enjoyed the seasons coming from the front range of Colorado and Western Nebraska, and to date Missouri has not disappointed! Although we both agree, that the duration of the winters in Missouri seem to come in spurts, meaning, its 45 degrees for 3 weeks then a week of below freezing and cold, only to warm back up to 45 degrees for 3 weeks and then another week of cold and snow. Our neighbor suggested that we count the days of “winter” weather, she has moved here from Illinois and said she thought the total would be about 14 days? So far, including yesterday and today we are at 9, and warmer temperatures are in the forecast.

The one thing I must share is the magic of “Snow Ice Cream”. Talk to any native Ozarkian and watch their face light up as you mention the creation of snow ice cream! It seems to bring back memories of happy childhood days running through the snow covered hills, laughing and carrying on. They each have their own preferred method of flavoring and consistency, and it is just what it sounds like. You take a bowl of fresh “white” snow, they all say avoid the yellow snow, sprinkle a little granulated sugar over the top, add a splash of vanilla, Hershey’s Chocolate powder mix, or even strawberry syrup, mix it up and enjoy. A refreshing throwback to times when we used to entertain ourselves, when times were simpler, when we would be satisfied with just one flavor, not the need to choose from 31. Life in the Ozarks has not changed much, it is still magic and quite simple, survive with what the good lord has provided, and give with no expectations. Lela and I have been the recipient of much of this magic and cannot wait for you and your family to come and enjoy it with us, this retreat is our way of giving back to all those that have given to us along the way and to all those we have not yet had the opportunity to meet. A big “Thank You” to all the Ozark community for embracing our vision and helping us share the magic that can only be experienced at the “Gateway to the Ozarks” the Big Rock Candy Mountain. Much Love, the Franklins

5 thoughts on “Its a Winter Wonderland”

  1. Can’t wait to come out and experience living big in the Ozarks with you guys!

    1. We can hardly wait ourselves!! Sure is nice to have a nationally known motivational speaker and author on our short list! See you soon!!

    2. Hope to see you out here soon!

  2. Gene (Geno) Williams says:

    I want to thank the Franklins for the charming description of a snow-covered Big Rock Candy Mountain. Sounds like a winter wonderland with “Snow Ice Cream” as one of the benefit’s. 🙂

    1. Its truly a piece of paradise!! Try the “snow Ice Cream” with the addition of a little heavy cream as well!!

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